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Third-party developers provided news about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, while two airports were released.

We started with Aerosoft, who provided new Airbus A330 screenshots along with a development update via the project manager. Mathijs Kok and beta tester BaxterBoywith the highly anticipated aircraft that has entered the beta phase.

So, we are in the beta stage. Typically, that means you have all the parts of the product ready and you are testing them. This is not the case for this project at the moment. But we need to know where we are, what works and what doesn’t. With that information, we can decide where to focus our scarce resources.

Modeling, texturing and almost all animations. they are solid. Don’t worry about that. In fact, Stefan and Anne are already working on the next bus.

Flight modeling, engine modeling and FADEC it was massive issues but we are 99% sure we can get correct behavior within 3%. Any pilot will tell you that is fine as one airframe differs from another. Having two engines on a plane that differ by 3% is fine. Make no mistake, 3% is pretty advanced.

Manuals and E-manual they are more or less fine. PDF manuals will be fine and will be available at launch, the electronic manual which is one of the highlights of the project as we want even beginners to be able to fly the A330 will be available but will need to be updated with the last version. code changes.

Autopilot still needs work, but basically it’s not very complex. He flies the route, does a cool ILS intercept and lands well.

systems they are more or less fine. This is an area where you can spend another 20 years because where the real plane just has to show what is happening, we need to model why it happens. So when a computer decides the cabin needs to warm up a bit, a system will divert heat from an engine to a heat exchanger and feed warm air into the cabin. That means the engine will be affected, the electrical system will be involved, and that means the generators will need to provide a bit more power. And that reduces the thrust of the engine. Do you see the complexity? We have a lot of that code running due to some professional derivatives of the bus projects. It’s there and somewhere in Germany a developer is crying because no customer will ever see it.

EFB, we are very proud of the EFB. and although we need some adjustments, everything is fine. Navigraph, NavDataPro, weather, track data, simbrief integration all work. I love being able to update weather data automatically before planning an arrival. The fact that we’ve incorporated our own satellite imagery so you can be sure you’re getting your taxi route right…great.

MCDU, LNAV, VNAV… That’s where we have more open work. Logically since it is by far the most complex part of the plane. LNAV seems to work, VNAV not so much, but we know what we need to do.

ECAMS, It does open up a lot of settings on fonts, location and such (we had some bad luck on that part), but it’s not the code that affects the flight. It is still one of my main concerns now.

Market. This is the work you need to do to get something on the Marketplace. Not just contracts, but a whole bunch of things you have to add. It’s not complex, but for sure I still need a few days for that.

Installer/Protection. With our own Aerosoft One system that is tried and tested (our DRM hasn’t been hacked and also makes life easier for the customer (no serials needed to be entered!)) we’re not worried about that at all.

Support, they are fully included in the tests, so they should know what they need.

Marketing. This department will receive all the information from me very soon. They will invite streamers to take a look at the product before launch and spread the word on websites and magazines.

Sales We still need to make sure all our partner sales channels get all the marketing data and files at the time of publication.

Next, we take another look at the F-4 Phantom from DC designsand we listen to the developer.

This week I continued to work on the Phantom Radar Intercept Officer’s cabin and now have most of the switches, buttons, gauges, decals and lights in place. Some are now animated, others are waiting for the code, but now it looks like I’ve completed most of the work and now it’s all about fine detailing and bringing the various features of the cockpit to life.

Livery artist Tristan has been hard at work on various F-4E liveries and has shared a few of them with me to put here on the page. There will be 26 liveries included with the Phantom Pack, spread across the variants and of course a paint kit for repainters will be included.”


Tomorrow, I’m off to an airfield in the UK with Mike from Sim Acoustics, to record Rolls Royce Spey engines running in a Blackburn Buccaneer, which I hope to share some footage of next week. This is one of the main final tasks for the Phantoms, so that they can be released with a full set of custom sounds for both the US and UK Phantom variants (hence the release will be a bit later than this). what was planned). There’s no release date yet, but somewhere in May is looking pretty good right now, as it’s all coming together so nicely.

We also get a advertisement from FeelThere, which is working at Boston Logan Airport (KBOS). That being said, the quality of the developer hasn’t quite been there and the developer will have a lot to prove against FlyTampa.

This is what it promises.

  • over 100 custom modeled buildings
  • taxi bridges
  • custom night lighting
  • custom walkways
  • full ground polygon

On the other hand, speaking of very high quality landscapes, AUScene inaugurated the Hamilton Island Airport (YBHM). It is currently available on the developer’s own store and direct orbx for $23.72.

This is what you can expect.


  • Handmade rendering of Hamilton and Dent Island for MSFS
  • Authentic representation of the airport, resort and marina
  • High resolution aerial imagery
  • 1m of DEM data offering the highest quality terrain
  • Over 300 custom assets!


  • Accurate representation of the airport area
  • Complete Interior Modeling of the Terminal, Control Tower and Hamilton Island Air
  • custom ground clutter
  • Ships and custom vehicles
  • golf carts
  • 3d people
  • Animated flags and fans
  • Optimized assets that make the most of LODs
  • Realistic PBR textures
  • Authentic aprons with custom materials and branding
  • Precise markings on the ground
  • Static helicopters representing local operators
  • realistic night lighting
  • Personalized configuration of airport services
  • Custom Greenery Placement

small port

  • Detailed representation of the Navy
  • Lots of points of interest to discover
  • All the main buildings surrounding the marina are authentically recreated.
  • Boats and piers 3D
  • custom vegetation


  • Full coverage of the resort and hotels.
  • Exterior Elevators Animated Reef View
  • Qualia Heliport
  • 3D Hobby Cats in Catseye Bay
  • custom vegetation

Dent Island

  • Hamilton Island Golf Club
  • Dent Island Lighthouse
  • detailed jetty


  • Multiple Heliports! (Hamilton Island Air, Qualia, Cruise)
  • Lots of custom buildings around Hamilton Island
  • 3D boats on Whitehaven beach
  • Houses modeled on Titan Island
  • And more!


Barelli MSFS Addon launched Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (HTZA) serving Zanzibar, in Tanzania.

Is available in SimMarket for $16.34 and you can find a gallery of screenshots below.

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