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A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced its plans to make its PC games available on Nvidia’s cloud service, Geforce Now, and it’s already following through.

Starting today, thanks to a 10-year partnership with Nvidia, gears 5 will be available on the service, and will be followed by Deathloop, groundedand penance on the mat 25.

This is just the beginning, as PC games from both Xbox and Bethesda will continue to be added regularly over time. This means you’ll be able to stream the games on Geforce Now, whether you bought them from Steam or the Epic Games Store. In the coming months, purchases from the Microsoft Store will also be available to stream on the service.

Other services announced in recent weeks like Boosteroid, Ubitus, EE, and Nware will also get the same treatment going forward, with Microsoft counting on adding Activision games to the deal once (if) the disputed acquisition closes.

This follows through on a commitment made to the European Union to get its approval of the acquisition, and represents Microsoft’s first move to counter opposition to the deal, including from the UK CMA and the US FTC.

The CMA has blocked the deal over competition concerns in the cloud gaming market, pending appeal from Microsoft and Activision, though the regulator appears to be under increasing political pressure. The FTC is also suing Microsoft over the deal, as it lacks the power to simply block it without going through legal process.

For now, we have to wait and see who will prevail in this 4D chess game, but if today’s announcement is any indication, Microsoft seems to have no intention of waiting for its opponents to move before making things happen.

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