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Media Molecule has announced that it will end live support for dreams later this year. You will still be able to create and share projects, but as of September 1st, the developers will no longer host in-game events and there will be no further updates.

In a blog post on its website, Media Molecule describes the decision to terminate dreams live support as “difficult”. The studio says it’s moving on to an “exciting new project” and has decided to stop supporting dreams. However, there is still no indication of what that project might be.

In practical terms, the end of dreams Live support means that there will be no more updates for the game, so no new content created by the developer will be added. Also, events like All Hallows’ Dreams, Impy Awards and DreamsCom will no longer take place, so the community will be on their own starting in September.

The player creating a pictorial scene with the Dreams editor
Media Molecule is waking up from its dreams later this year.

Even though Media Molecule draws live service elements from dreams until the very end, the studio says you’ll still be able to make, share, and play creations with other players. In addition, the developer “will continue to share and celebrate the creations in dreams” on your social media channels and streams, and in-game dreams the healing work will also continue.

In addition to the end of live support, Media Molecule also detailed upcoming server migration information for dreams. Limits on storage will be imposed from the end of May; You will have 5 GB of storage available for your online creations and 1 GB available offline. Photos will be limited to 256 online and 128 offline, while creations will be limited to 256 both online and locally.

It is worth reading the whole dreams blog postwhich goes into detail about exactly what features of dreams will no longer be available. This may be the end of an era, but at least it looks like Media Molecule will continue to interact with the dreams community after this change goes into effect. Stay tuned for more on what Media Molecule does next.

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