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The last marvel snap The update brings a feature worth noting, along with some bug fixes and balance adjustments for certain decks and cards.

With the latest update, we see an exciting new feature that we think is very necessary for most of the existing games. Players can now see who created the artwork that is painted on their favorite cards by selecting the variant label on their cards. Here you will find the name of the artist who created the art for that particular card. Artists in general don’t always get the credit they deserve for the time and effort they put into their creations, so this Artist Credit feature is one that should be implemented more often.

More tweaks have been made including general updates such as the collection view now automatically filters to your favorite variants as you edit your existing decks. A “Pro Bundle” has also been added to the game for new players who want to start their journey. By paying 12,500 credits, new players will be able to purchase a single-use pack that provides enough boosters to upgrade eight cards from Common to Infinite.

Marvel Snap screenshot from Steam, Marvel Snap update

New card and location sounds have also been added to the game, as well as visual effects. In addition to the small additions, there have been some big changes to the overall balance of some cards and decks. The Guardian’s effects seemed a bit hit-or-miss to the developers, so they decided to give Drax and Groot a bit of a buff to even the odds. Black Cat, on the other hand, seems to be very lackluster for players, as she is rarely seen in people’s decks, so she’s also been given some extra power to make her more attractive to use in your deck. .

To see the full list of patch notes, head over to the marvel snap Web page. The game is currently available to play on PC via Steam, IOS, and Android.

marvel snap is a fast-paced card collecting and battle game, where players will assemble a team of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe to use in battle. Each game lasts around three minutes, keeping things fast-paced but exciting. There are over 50 different locations for in-game battles, including iconic locations from Marvel movies like Wakanda. New cards, locations, cosmetic items, and challenges are constantly being added, so there will never be a shortage of content to tackle.

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