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He Super Bomberman R 2 The release date has been revealed. You can expect the latest adventure starring everyone’s favorite explosives expert to arrive physically on consoles and PC on September 12, with digital versions of the game available the following day.

As the name suggests, Super Bomberman R 2 it’s a continuation of 2018 Super Bomberman R. Konami promises the “greatest volume of content in the history of the series” for this new installment, although it is not entirely clear if the developer is referring to bombardier in its entirety or only Super Bomberman R. You can watch the release date announcement trailer for Super Bomberman R 2 right here.


Like its predecessor, Super Bomberman R 2 will offer various game modes. Standard mode is pretty classic bombardier, while in Grand Prix, two teams face each other for supremacy. Meanwhile, Battle 64 supports up to 64 players, who will fight against each other. Only one bomber can be victorious.

New game modes include Castle, an asymmetric mode where one side must defend a castle while the other side besieges it. There is also a new scenario editor feature that allows you to create your own Super Bomberman R 2 scenarios for the game’s new Castle mode. You can then upload and share those stages with players around the world. Try to give them something to think about, huh?

Super Bomberman R 2 It will launch for PC via Steam, as well as PlayStation consoles, Xbox platforms, and Nintendo Switch, on September 12 physically and on September 13 digitally. Naturally, there won’t be any physical versions available for PC, so if that’s your platform of choice, you’ll be restricted to digital. you can add Super Bomberman R 2 for you Steam wishlist here if you want to be aware of everything that happens with the new party game from Konami.

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