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Konami today announced its financial results for the first nine months of the fiscal year, relating to the period from April 2022 to December 2022.

According to ad, company-wide revenue was 226.9 billion yen, up 5.5% year-on-year. Trading profit was 41.1 billion yen, down 31.2% from the previous year.

Konami Investor Relations

Next, we take a look at the digital entertainment business, which includes video games as well as Yu-Gi-Oh! collectible card game.

Konami Investor Relations

As you can see in the table above, revenue was up slightly year-over-year to 156.4 billion yen (+1.6%), but business profits plummeted, hitting just 37.4 billion yen, a 32.6% drop year-over-year. with year.

We learn that income from electronic football 2023 grew due to the excitement generated by the World Cup, while the Yu-Gi-Oh! The collectible trading card game is still going strong. This created a synergistic effect with the video game. Yu-Gi-Oh! master duelwhich exceeded 50 million downloads worldwide.

That said, guidance for the full fiscal year was down sharply in both sales and trading profit “primarily due to factors including earnings plan revisions for some titles in the digital entertainment business.”

Interestingly, one of the factors listed in the press release for the lower profit is “increased research and development expenses for new titles.”

Konami lists some of the games it is currently working on in the press release:

“We are working assiduously to produce the Silent Hill series, which has been highly anticipated ever since we announced the decision to produce both a remake and all-new titles. In addition, we are advancing in the production of Super Bomberman R 2the last title of the bombardier Serie; Suikoden I and II HD Remaster Gate Rune & Dunan Unification Warsan HD remastered version of the Suikoden series, and the new vertically scrolling shooter Cygni: All Guns Burningwhose release is scheduled for 2023.

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