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King of Fighters XV Patch 1.62 is upon us, bringing a lot of changes to a lot of fighters. Many of these changes are quite small, but if you’re a competitive player or interested in the details of mechanics and frameworks, you’ll surely notice them.

SNK has generously chosen to showcase their patch notes in video form, demonstrating how each of the small changes will work on a fighter-by-fighter basis. The main change affecting all brawlers is that potency will now stack during MAX mode, but other than that, you’ll notice lots of small alterations over time, as well as damage buffs and debuffs, changes to knockback duration, and more. . Check out the patch summary video to see all the news.


Obviously which of these changes is the biggest will depend on who your lead is and what you wanted to see from a king of fighters to update. Some changes are also bigger than others; Ash’s Nivose move has undergone several changes, including bug fixes and a larger attack hitbox, for example, which is quite significant.

On the other hand, the Normal and EX versions of Billy’s Suzume Otoshi move can now each be used once during a combo, which might be a minor change if you’re not a main Billy, but one you’ll almost certainly notice if you are. of course yes King of Fighters XV It’s your life, you’ve probably already memorized these patch notes, but if not, I recommend watching SNK’s video to see how your favorite fighter has changed.

in another part of King of Fighters XV land, we will be getting a new DLC next week in the form of Shingo Yabuki, who will be the first character released for the game in season 2. Unlike the first season, this one will focus on individual fighters and not teams, and Shingo is the first of those. Other new fighters arriving this season include Sylvie Paula Paula and Najd, who will arrive in the summer. There will also be two more fighters in Season 2, although we don’t know their identities yet.

You can check King of Fighters XV right now personal computer, playstation consolesY Xbox Series X|S.

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