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Although hunt the nightFocused primarily on combat, you’ll still have to solve a series of puzzles in each area. Most of these come in the form of notes that you need to remember before finding the clue or the specific item in the world to solve the puzzle. In our hunt the night Puzzle guide, we will give the solution to each puzzle needed to complete the main story.

Ravenford 5 statues

A simple puzzle to start with, it simply requires you to read the note and then activate the statues in the correct order. Numbering the statues from left to right from 1 to 5, the correct order is:

Order of Ravenford Statue

As you explore the lower section of Ravenford, you’ll pick up some small statues. These are required to complete the level, and 4 in total can be found. These statues must be placed in a specific order, noted by the images in which they were found.

  • Strange
  • Maid
  • Newborn
  • King

hunt the night Barkley Sanitarium Security Code

The security code is linked to the paintings north of the sanitarium, with each painting representing a specific number. Howard, Mercedes, Basil, Chester

  1. Mercedes
  2. Wallace
  3. Thomas
  4. Howard
  5. chester
  6. Basil

With the clue giving the order Howard, Mercedes, Basil, Chester, the correct code for the safe is 4165.

Ashdown Manor Bell Puzzle

To open the door, you must interact with the bells in a specific order. This order is represented by the images in the music box room after going through the golden door.

  • Green
  • Red
  • Light Blue
  • Grey
  • White
  • Yellow

Apothecaries tile puzzle

The note shows which of the clues you follow first, based on the statues placed in each of the side rooms. The correct order to stand on the tiles is:

  • Starting at the top left, go right once, then down 3 times, then left
  • 3 more tiles to the right up
  • Stepping on the left center tile

Albion Cave Order

Whenever you enter one of the doors in this area, you will either be teleported back to the start or move forward depending on whether you choose the correct cave. The caves are differentiated by their surrounding appearance. The order you need to enter these caves is:

  • Fire
  • stone slabs
  • floating monoliths
  • dark crystals

Bloodisfell Sword Puzzle

This one simply requires you to follow the colors listed in the nearby note.

  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple

Bloodisfell Cathedral Levers

Each lever has an object behind it. The cathedral has another room, where several of these objects are lined up on the wall. The levers must be pulled based on the minimum amount to the maximum amount or each object.

  • Mirror
  • Armor
  • gold shield
  • Boar head
  • blade shield
  • rapiers

Bloodisfell Cathedral Paintings

The note in the room mentions roses, music, literature, and theater, which correspond to the paintings on each lever. He pulls the levers in the correct order, then directs the light beam towards the large central painting using each mirror and then the red gem.

  • roses
  • person playing instrument
  • Book
  • Masks

Bloodisfell Cathedral Safe

The blackboards in some of the surrounding classrooms have numbers on them. The order to follow these numbers is in the Geography, History, Blood Control and Botany rooms. This leads to the safe combination being 2041.

And that’s all for our hunt the night Puzzle Guide. This guide will be updated if more puzzles are added in a future update.

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