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hifi fever is a new game from Tango Gameworks that puts players in control of Chai. Chai is a rocker who, due to medical negligence, has woken up with a metal arm and a music player stuck in his heart. This gives him all kinds of musical abilities but it has also put a target on his back. As you fight your way through this colorful world to try to escape, you’ll not only be up against robots, there are plenty of collectibles to collect as well. In this hifi fever Track 2: Power Up Collectible Guide, we will see where to get all the collectibles in Track 2 of hifi fever.

You won’t be able to get all the collectibles in your first run of this level, as certain locations will only become available to you as you get more party members and unlock more abilities. Each of these collectibles is part of a full bonus that will increase your max health, your max reverb, or even give you a full health tank that will automatically restore you to full health after you’ve lost all of your current health. Each of these items is extremely important as you face more difficult challenges throughout the game, and even more so if you’re trying to beat the game on any of the harder difficulties!

hifi fever Hint 2: Power up the collectibles

Collectibles will be listed in the order they appear in the level so you can start at the top of the list and work your way up. If you spot any collectibles we missed, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll check them out.

It seems that at this level I have missed Graffiti #2 and Graffiti #3 as well as Vlog #3

  • Vlog #1: Complaint not sent

Vlog #1 on Hi-Fi Rush Track 2

You will start this level in an outside area, progress until the large door opens. Look to your left for a small room with this Vlog inside.

  • Electric Reverb Master Piece #1

Electric Reverb Core No.  #1 on track 2 of Hi-Fi Rush

After the first arena battle where the boss learns of your presence, you will go up to a stack of crates with a sign indicating Area01. Once you get to the top, turn around to see a platform with gears on it. Climb on this to find the part.

  • Vlog #2: HR Automatic Surveillance Recording

Once you enter the large gathering room, follow the level path up a barred path into a room. This Vlog will be on the computer to your left.

Breakable wall #1 on track 2 of Hi-Fi Rush

After learning about the Magnetic Grapple power, you’ll enter another large room where you’ll start climbing platforms. Before you jump over the gap, drop down the other side to find this breakable wall.

After completing the mini-boss, follow the grated metal path past where you need to go up to get this attack. It will look like a floating magazine.

Fire Door #1 at Hi-Fi Rush Track 2

After completing the mini-boss, follow the grated metal path past where you need to climb and you’ll find another grappling point. Hold on to this room and there will be a fire door on the other side.

Graffiti #1 on track 2 of Hi-Fi Rush

Go up the platforms after the miniboss and through the room on the left with the boxes. Here you will find this graffiti.

This will be directly in your path after the triple claw.

  • Electric Reverb Master Part #2

Electric Reverb Core #2 on Track 2 of Hi-Fi Rush

After the golden statue and falling into the arena, head to the side room to see a Reverb Core piece in a small hallway.

After the second jump pad, you’ll fight some enemies in an arena and then walk towards another fire door in the next hallway.

Breakable Wall #2 on Track 2 of Hi-Fi Rush

Proceed through the level to the room with the two passive-aggressive robots and the third jump pad. Follow the computer bank to the right to find this wall.

  • Vlog #4: Trouble with the tram line

After the big red room where Rekka appears on the monitor and criticizes you, go up the hall and turn left.

  • Vlog #5: Introducing “The Arrow!”

After the rails section and shooting tutorial, continue forward through the moving platform. The Vlog platform will be directly to your right.

Door numbered no.  #2 on track 2 of Hi-Fi Rush

After getting the tutorial on how to defeat the warded enemies, go up on the crates and look across the room to see a higher ledge with a door numbered 2 on it.

After fighting the flying enemies for the first time in the room with the blue liquid, proceed to where the red button is located. Once here, look in the water to see a robot in a rubber ring. Fire twice to drop it into the water.

After the room with the blue water and the moving platforms, enter the corridor. When you reach the T-junction, heading left is a fire door immediately, while heading right is the way to go.

After the section of the level with the triple valves that push you high into the air, look immediately to your left for a treasure chest. Inside is another gauge piece.

Life Gauge Piece #2 on track 2 of Hi-Fi Rush

Before the end of the room with the treasure chest, talk to the robot. He will comment that there are too many pigeons. He uses Peppermint to shoot the three flocks of pigeons that can be accessed from his location and talks to the robot again to get this piece.

  • Vlog #6: Behind the Spectacular: Sit Down with Rekka

After the 4x jump pad, you’ll end up in a lobby area. Walk towards the plants and benches and you will find a Vlog on one of them.

HR Investigator #1 on track 2 of Hi-Fi Rush

In the hallway, walk through the large double doors to the end of the level and look to the right to see a robot in a trench coat. Interact with him here to progress towards the “Have we met before?” Achievement

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