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hifi fever is a new game from Tango Gameworks that puts players in control of Chai. Chai is a rocker who, due to medical negligence, has woken up with a metal arm and a music player stuck in his heart. This gives him all kinds of musical abilities but it has also put a target on his back. As you fight your way through this colorful world to try to escape, you’ll not only be up against robots, there are plenty of collectibles to collect as well. In this hifi fever Track 1: A Fresh Start Collectible Guide, we’ll take a look at where to get all the collectibles in Track 1 of hifi fever.

You won’t be able to get all the collectibles in your first run of this level, as certain locations will only become available to you as you get more party members and unlock more abilities. Each of these collectibles is part of a full bonus that will increase your max health, your max reverb, or even give you a full health tank that will automatically restore you to full health after you’ve lost all of your current health. Each of these items is extremely important as you face more difficult challenges throughout the game, and even more so if you’re trying to beat the game on any of the harder difficulties!

hifi fever Track 1: New Beginning Collectibles

Collectibles will be listed in the order they appear in the level so you can start at the top of the list and work your way up. If you spot any collectibles we missed, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll check them out.

A parts location of a life gauge

Progress through the level until 808 (the cat) joins you and you get the tutorial for the combo special attack ending. Go forward until you enter the room with the blue robot on the left. Go to the room on the right with the “Employee Only” signs and climb up the shipping container to find this life indicator piece.

A location of the second life indicator piece on track 1 of Hi-Fi Rush

After being directed to the quality control building, you will be able to jump on some floating platforms. After the second one, look to your right and on top of the water tower to see this life gauge piece. You won’t be able to reach it from where you are, so drop down and go up the ramp to the right and go counterclockwise until you can reach it.

A numbered gate location on track 1 of Hi-Fi Rush

After making the bridge using the dirt pound, cross the gap and past the infobot with the big Hint sign. Instead of turning left across more platforms, look right and head down the ledge to find this door. At the moment we’re not sure what’s going on with this door, but it’s probably something…

  • Broken Health Piece #1

A location of the first Health Tank piece on track 1 of Hi-Fi Rush

After gaining the special attack ability, continue around the stage until you mount the suspended platform. Unlock the chest on the other side for this health piece. There is a short tutorial on how to unlock the treasure chests that you will have to go through.

  • Electric Reverb Master Piece #1

Enter with robotic ease with crushing presses. Instead of going left after going through the first few crushers, you need to continue on the conveyor belt. At the end of the conveyor belt there is a path to the right that is a little harder to notice. Follow this path to the back, where you’ll find a hidden reverb centerpiece.

After turning the generator back on, head across the sliding platform. Turn left and follow the path to find this breakable wall. We don’t know what’s behind this wall right now… but we’ll let you know when we do!

A location of the third life indicator piece on track 1 of Hi-Fi Rush

Enter the room that says “exit”, there will be a dialogue about whether it is a trap. Once inside, head to the back wall, but DO NOT Walk through the door, instead take the elevators on either side of the door and then go up above the rafting. Following the path along the rafting to the right, you’ll come to a life gauge piece at the back.

Enter the room that says “exit”, there will be a dialogue about whether it is a trap. Inside, climb the pillars on the left and right to reach the top of the room. On the left there will be a door through which you cannot pass with fire. At the moment we’re not sure what’s back there, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

There are 4 Vlogs in this level, these are the datapads you find. When you get close to them, a dialogue bubble will appear to interact with them.

  • Battery pack production
  • Previous generation EOL reminder
  • RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE: Join us!

Once you progress further through the door that is labeled with the “Exit” sign, the first boss battle of hifi fever will start.

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