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Today Guilty Gear – Strive- developer Arc System Works released a new video showing Asuka R#’s gameplay and how she fights.

Asuka R# (also known as Asuka R. Kreuz) was officially revealed yesterday and she fights using magic, so you need to keep track of her mana gauge. She can also “charge” different spells by switching between test cases. She’s definitely a very different character than what I’ve seen in most fighting games.

Ultimately… He’s pretty crazy. In fact, I’m quite curious to see what fighting game veterans will do with it when it launches on May 25th.

We already know that Asuka R# is the fourth and final character to make it to the second season pass after Bridget, Sin Kiske, and Bedman. A third Season Pass is in development and is yet to come.


Guilty Gear -Strive- originally released for PS5, PS4, and PC, with Arc System World adding Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, including a release on Xbox Game Pass, just a few weeks ago.

If you are interested in Arc System Works games, we recently received news about DNF Duel, providing a look at the new character Specter and the future of the game. On the other hand, a new version of Granblue Fantasy Versus noble Granblue Fantasy Versus: Ascendant It’s coming to PS5, PS4, and PC later this year, including new characters Anila and Siegfried.

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