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During the financial situation of the company conference For investors and analysts, Take-Two Interactive Entertainment President Karl Slatoff broke down the release plans for the current and next fiscal year.

Following the reveal of the portfolio of games in development and scheduled for release in March 2026, Slatoff shared that during the current fiscal year (by March 2024), Take-Two plans to release 16 games.

3 of them will be “immersive core” games, which means AAA titles for consoles and PC, including NBA 2K24 and WWE 2K24, plus an “eagerly awaited new IP” from one of the publisher’s top studios. 2 of them will be “mid-core arcade titles” including Lego unit 2K. 2 of the games will be iterations of previously released games, while 3 will be standalone titles, including Private Division and Piccolo Studio. after us.

Lastly, 6 of the games will be mobile, including Star Wars Hunters.

For the next two fiscal years (by March 2026), Take-Two plans to release 14 immersive core games (including 6 sports simulation games), 2 mid-level games (one of which will be sports-oriented), 4 new iterations of previously released titles, 4 independent titles for Private Division, including partnerships with Pokemon developer Game Freak and with Weta Workshop, and 12 mobile games.

As usual, it’s worth mentioning that this is just a snapshot of the pipeline, and some of the games may be canceled or delayed, while others may be added to the roster. In fact, today’s announcement mentioned that several games have been delayed and canceled internally.

Earlier in prepared remarks, CEO Strass Zelnick mentioned that in fiscal 2025 (between April 2024 and March 2025), the company plans to launch “several groundbreaking games” that would see it book a whopping $8 billion in bookings. net. Of course, this possibly means that the company intends to release Grand Theft Auto 6 between April 2024 and March 2025, but no confirmation has been provided at the moment and this is just educated speculation.

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