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Every week Games Workshop brings us a host of new releases, from new units and rulebooks to their top wargames. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and warhammer 40,000. This week Games Workshop sent out some new releases for some of their other games, the sci-fi skirmish game necromundaand his war game LOTR The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. Follow along as we take a quick look at all of these new releases in our Games Workshop preview.

Games Workshop New Release – Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – The Vaults of Temenos

necromunda is one of the deepest and “crunchiest” sci-fi skirmish games on the market today, and Games Workshop is adding even more content to the game with the release of their new campaign book. Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – The Vaults of Temenos.

In this book, the story of the Aranthian succession is continued (after this story was first introduced in the book cinderella burning). necromunda is a very campaign and story focused game, and this book allows players to continue that story through campaign scenarios centered around “The Great Pilgrimage”.

An image of Games Workshop's new campaign book for Necromunda, Vaults of Temenos
The Vaults of Temenos open up a bunch of new campaign options for Necromunda

Also included in the book are seven new narrative scenarios that also follow the outcomes of The Great Pilgrimage, four Dramatis Personae (significant people in the story that you can use in your campaign), including the Prophet of Redemption, Axon Hammer, Durgan Kill- Fist, and Teller-Primus Servalen. There are also rules for new in-game units from House Cawdor and the Palanite Enforcer gangs, including…

New Games Workshop Release: Enforcer ‘Sanctioner’ Pattern Automata

These large, hulking machines are semi-sentient servo-automata used to help maintain Halmawr’s piece and are only available to gangs of Palanite Enforcers. With a Toughness of 5 and 3 Wounds each, these brutes are ready to pacify a restless populace with their assault claw, heavy shock staff, and grenade launcher set with photon flash grenades. You can also swap them out with a Sanction-patterned Manhunter, an SLHG-patterned Assault Ram, or (as we did in the images below) a Concussion Cannon.

They also benefit from some very cool new Special Rules, including ‘Automated Repair Systems’ which say these units don’t need to roll if this fighter recovers from a serious wound; instead, he automatically recovers as if he had rolled a Flesh Wound. injury dice.

An image of Sanctioner Automata built but unpainted from Games Workshop's game Necromunda
These automatons are ready to dish out “justice”

It also has the ‘Moving Balud’ Special Rule, which is really unique here, which states that if a friendly fighter is in partial cover due to being hidden by a Sanctioner Automata, it instead counts as being in full cover. This makes sense, as these huge, heavily armored fighters would actually make excellent cover.

Now let’s move from the grim darkness of Underhive to the rolling hills of Gondor, as I dig in…

Games Workshop New Release – The Lord of the Rings: MESBG Gondor Terrain

As a true lover of Games Workshop Lord of the Rings game, Middle earth strategy battle game, I was excited to receive new land to build and build for this preview. Three different sets were included: the classic Ruins of Gondor (which we’ve seen in other box sets before), the Mansion of Gondor, and the tall and impressive Tower of Gondor.

What I really enjoy about all this Middle earth strategy battle game The terrain is how modular it is. Although, for illustrative purposes, I carefully built each of these terrain sets to match the addresses included in the box, the possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to building much of these sets (except for the Tower, which has its own and only). design). The walls can be arranged in several different combinations, the ceilings can be built to rotate at an angle, and ruined items can be swapped (which I did on the Mansion railing and the Tower roof) to display the elements of time and war. .

An image of the Gondor Mansion terrain from Games Workshop LOTR, painted
Gondor Mansion is an absolutely stunning piece of scenery when built, assembled and painted.

While I won’t go into too many nitty-gritty details about my painting process for this set, I will say that it was an incredibly easy process to get a “good enough for tabletop” (aka “Giaco Special”) look throughout. . Long story short (quick), I grounded the whole thing with a spray cream color from Citadel paints (Wraith Bone), applied a single coat of color on top (a slate color for the stonework and relevant browns, grays and blues for the doors , railings , and ceiling tiles), gave everything (save one of the ruins) a healthy coat of Nuln Oil, then lightly drybrushed pure white over everything.

An image of the Tower of Gondor from Games Workshop's LOTR terrain, painted

The result gave the whole thing a slightly beleaguered (but not completely abandoned) look that I was hoping for, and it took a whole night and a half, tops! I love the Tower of Gondor, which although fairly simple to build is now the centerpiece of the table, standing tall and proud amidst the ruins.

Overall, I was delighted with these new scenario additions from Games Workshop, and they’ll find a permanent place on my LOTR table (and probably creep into my age of sigmar and War cry tables too, once we came out of the era of the beast).

An image of the Games Workshop LOTR terrain, Gondor Ruins

What do you think of the new releases coming up for pre-order this Games Workshop weekend? Would you use a similar paint scheme for these terrain pieces? Are you getting into Necromunda with its new models and extended support? Let us know!

Games Workshop provided the products used in the creation of this preview.

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