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Today, Square Enix and Sony Interactive Entertainment provided an in-depth look at Final Fantasy XVI during the latest PlayStation State of Play broadcast.

We get an introduction to the story and the protagonist, Clive. The narrative begins with him in his early twenties, but then we can play a flashback to his late teens and early thirties as well.

The video then shows the world, including the map and some of the places we’ll be exploring during Clive’s adventure.

Then another segment of the video focuses on combat, showing spectacular action scenes as the player mixes conventional physical attacks with the powers provided by the Eikons. Speaking of combat, we see Timely’s accessories, used to make things easier for those not used to action games.

If you choose the “Story Focused” mode at the beginning of the game, the appropriate accessories are equipped from the beginning.

More images show some of the friends we’ll make as the game progresses atop Torgal, Clive’s faithful canine companion. We also take a look at quests, elite marks to hunt, and opportunities to learn world lore.

More combat gameplay focuses on the enemies we will fight against, including the dominant ones that wield the power of the Eikons, as well as the Eikons themselves.

Lastly, we learn that the game’s theme song is written and performed by popular Japanese singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu, though we can’t hear it yet.

You can check it all below.


If you are not familiar with final fantasy 16, is the next mainline game in Square Enix’s popular fantasy series. Its development is spearheaded by many developers of the final fantasy XIV team, which isn’t too surprising considering the success of the latest MMORPG in the series, which recently surpassed 27 million registered accounts worldwide.

They include producer Naoki Yoshida, director Hiroshi Takai, writer-creative director Kazutoyo Maehiro, artist Hiroshi Minagawa, composer Masayoshi Soken, and many more.

The game is said to be a darker version of the Final Fantasy concept, while its battle system is entirely action-based. However, he can expect many traditional concepts from the series, including summons, Chocobos, and as you can see above, Moogles.

The planned release date is June 22, 2023 for PS5 and it has already gone gold. A PC version is also likely to arrive at some point, although there is no official release date at the moment. We also learn that a demo is planned and should arrive shortly before the game launches. While we wait, you can also take a look at many more games showing at PAX East.

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