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As you progress through the world of Dredge, you will encounter obstacles that will prevent you from accessing certain areas, be it a wall of rocks or a small wall. These can be broken with an explosion, but if you go non-linearly across the map like I did, you’ll be a bit lost on where to get dredge explosives! That is how.

Unlock Explosives in Dredge

To get explosives, you will need to head to the ruins to the southeast of Ingfell, which are located at the top of N3. You will find a hermit, with whom you will complete the “Hermitage” Chase. Once you have returned it to Ingfell, his sister will open a shop where you can buy explosives.

Once you’ve unlocked the explosives, the traveling trader found at Charred Pontoon (P12), Dusty Pontoon (top of N4), and Starlight Pontoon (E2) will start trading them for $400. If you buy a few and need more, simply sleep until the next day and you can buy additional explosives.

Explosives are a fundamental part of the game, as they allow you to unlock new paths, open up areas that contain critical items like sheet metal, or remove obstacles that are preventing you from advancing the story.

Always make sure you have at least 1 explosive with you, it will prevent you from having to go back to buy or transfer some of your storage!

Screen of the merchant who sells you explosives in Dredge

How to get more explosives in Dredge

If you need more, you can buy 4 at a time from the Whaler on Ingfell, or if you’re on one of the other islands, the traveling trader (G13, P12, N4, and E2) sells two at a time. If you need more than two, just sleep for 24 hours and they’ll respawn!

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