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Today, D3 Publisher announced a full release date and new platforms for its rogue-lite action game. Ed-0: Zombie Uprising.

The game, which has been in early access on Steam since April 2022, will be fully released on July 13, 2023. On top of that, it will also release at the same time for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The announcement was made alongside a trailer for the game, which you can watch on the D3 Publisher YouTube channel. Unfortunately, it is age restricted, so it cannot be embedded.

If you are not familiar with Ed-0: Zombie Uprising, is a rogue-lite action game set in an alternate history of Japan during the Edo era. The country has been invaded by hordes of zombies and you have to fight against them as a samurai, sumo wrestler or ninja.

This is what the game promises in terms of features.

  • 3 playable characters
  • Over 30 hours of gameplay available
  • 8 main quests, 5 side quests and 7 bosses
  • More than 150 skills and items.
  • Everything is randomly generated for each run.
  • High degree of adjustable difficulty
  • Countless surprises and unpredictable opponents

If the name D3 Publisher doesn’t ring a bell, it’s best known for the Earth Defense Force series, but they also love to dabble in wacky, waifu-driven games like the recent samurai maiden and the onechanbara series.

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising is actually developed by Lancarse, known for having worked on the Etrian Odyssey Series,The Diofield Chronicle, monarch, zanki zeroand many more games, often in a supporting role.

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