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Last August, the Walt Disney Corporation announced its own TCG, Disney Lorcana. The game, which will be produced by Disney in association with tabletop publisher Ravensburger, is a family-friendly experience featuring classic character art from the studio’s rich cinematic history. Now, keen players and fans have gotten their first look at the House of Mouse’s take on a card game, including a look at its art style and its first wave of content.

Artwork of Princess Aurora from the Disney Lorcana card game
A mix of classic and new art direction.

Disney Lorcana Card Reveal

Those who attended the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany saw another card arriving lorcana disney. Aurora – Guardian of Dreams features the princess from Sleeping Beauty with illustrations by Nicholas Kole. Overall, the artwork and text appear to be consistent with the cards revealed at Disney’s D23 Expo last September. But Aurora has a unique ability. Protective Embrace, which allows you to apply Ward to other characters you control. This means that the opponent cannot select them except to challenge them. Depending on the context, there’s a chance that the term “challenge” is a less confrontational version of fighting or attacking an enemy card. This would be parsed as a character is not “destroyed” or “sent to a graveyard”, but rather banished according to the text of other cards.

Press image of the booster packs and starter decks of Disney Lorcana
So who wants to build a platform?

An official press release revealed more details about lorcana disney. Press images of the first wave of in-game content have been released, titled The first chapter. The images show artwork from the booster packs, starter decks, and gift sets of the game. The booster packs feature illustrations of Mickey Mouse, Elsa, and Maleficent, while the starter covers show Simba, Aladdin, Mickey in wizard robes, Moana, Cruella De Ville, and Princess Aurora.

Artwork from starter decks for Disney Lorcana
Look to the right of the boxes. Looks like we have some guys.

The artwork on the opening covers also reveals what appears to be a jewel-based type system; similar to colored manna in Magic: The Gathering. Aurora is Sapphire, Simba is Steel, Cruella is Emerald, Aladdin is Ruby, Moana is Amber, and Mickey is Amethyst.

Artwork of the Gift Set for Disney Lorcana
Hades let his hair down, be afraid.

As for the gift sets, according to the text at the bottom, they will include tracking tokens, as well as two oversized foil cards. The two foil cards that appeared in the box were of Mulan and Hades.

Disney Lorcana will launch in late 2023. There is currently no information on the MSRP for any of these products.

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