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Today Blizzard Entertainment aired a live stream about the upcoming RPG. devil 4during which the developers discussed a variety of topics.

First off, we get an overview of the endgame and world level mechanics, including the biggest challenge and the powerful items you’ll receive by taking on that challenge. Interestingly, when you get to world level 3, you have a chance to drop holy items.

Holy items have a very wide range in the power they are given, so you can get very nice rewards right from the start. Interestingly, they are set to the required level that you drop them at, so you can use them right away. We also learn about legendary powers that can be drawn from items and applied to other items.

Unique items are very, very rare and start appearing when you enter Nightmare levels. An example provided is an item for druids that makes the werewolf the default form of him.

Next, we take a look at model boards and the glyph system that allows you to radically customize your playstyle during the late game.

The developer also talked about what he learned during the beta, including some of the changes made to classes and more. This time, we learn more about the reasoning behind the changes.

Last but not least, we have learned that there will be a “Server Slam” event between May 12 and 14. Basically, it’s a new beta open to everyone. All changes made since the previous beta will be included in the build that will be tested during Server Slam.

The purpose of the event is to test the servers as much as possible and make sure they are ready for players to have a good experience from day one. Those who participate will have another chance to acquire the rewards from the betas as well as a “Cry of Ashava” mount trophy. To get it, you must reach level 20 and kill Ashava.

The team has also done a lot of work in the field of PC optimization. More visual options will be available during the event, including DLSS 3.0 for Nvidia users.

You can watch the full live stream earlier.


devil 4 it will be released for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on June 6, 2023. Although that is a month and a half away, the game has already gone gold. You can also check out a recent video about the game, a live-action trailer for the recent beta, set in a deconsecrated church in France.

If you want to learn more about endgame, you can take a look at what awaits you at high levels in our dedicated article and read our interview with Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora and Lead Game Producer Kayleigh. Calder.

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