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In this deliver us mars Chapter 8 Puzzles and Collectibles, we bring you puzzle solutions and collectible locations for Kathy’s exploration of ARK Labos.

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After the reveal of the dead colonists, deliver us mars continues its story with Chapter 8. The team has made the decision to activate ARK Habitats and leave Mars.

Kathy has been tasked with bringing the crashed ARK Labos back online. This chapter features the most difficult climbing sequence yet and of course a fair amount of puzzles and collectibles.

deliver us mars Chapter 8 Puzzle Solutions

Here are the deliver us mars Chapter 8 Puzzle solutions we have found.

Quick Links: Get the transformer working again | Reconnect the MPT to ARK Habitas
Explore the Panopticon

Get the transformer working again

It’s time for another puzzle with STRAME devices! This time, all the pieces are relatively close to each other, so you won’t have to run too far.

The massive room has 3 FLOW dividers and 1 FLOW reducer. You must arrange them in such a way that they correctly feed the five STRAME receivers. This is what it will look like:

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 8 Puzzles & Collectibles Guide - Make the transformer work again 01

Use AYLA to fly around the room and collect the different pieces; it is very possible that you will fall and die if you are not careful.

From the entrance to the room, this is how everything is set up:

  1. Unlock the STRAME transmitters on the closed side near the door and the side farthest from the door.
  2. Pick up the STRAME splitters and reducers in the room. Use AYLA to grab them.
  3. Place 1 STRAME divider on each of the two upper balconies on each side of the transformer. Aim your beams at both receivers in front of him.
  4. Place the STREAM reducer in front of the splitter on the upper right hand side.
  5. Route the STREAM transmitter on the far side to feed the STRAME splitter you just placed. To be clear, the STREAME transmitter on the other side will feed the two STREAME receivers on the right.
  6. Place a STRAME splitter on the floor in front of the STRAME transmitter near the door.
  7. Aim a beam from the STRAME splitter at the center receiver. Direct the other beam to the FLOW splitter on the left side.
  8. Set the left side FLOW splitter to point to both receivers on the left side of the transformer.

That should deliver the correct amount of power to all 5 STRAME receivers. You are almost done with this puzzle after the transformer turns back on.

Reconnect the MPT to ARK Habitas

This section of the game requires a bit of climbing. You will face the most harrowing experience yet. The pieces of the ARK Labos you’re using to climb are falling apart around you and sometimes you’re still hooked on them.

Once you reach the ARK Labos bridge, you will find that the plate cannot be aligned due to the debris surrounding it. You will have to go out on foot and eliminate it with your Laser Cutter.

Once this is done, all you need to do is realign the MPT and you are done with this puzzle.

Explore the Panopticon

Exploring the Panopticon is pretty straightforward at first. After viewing the hologram in the Panopticon, you’ll need to find a way to get to the other side of the floor.

There is an exposed vent on the other side of the door. Climb up and move past the pipes. You’ll eventually come to a door in the floor that you can open with your cutting laser, but you can’t go through it. Instead, send AYLA over and have her open the door from that side. Then, head back through the vents and into the room.

deliver us mars Chapter 8 Collectible Locations

Here are the deliver us mars Chapter 8 Collectible locations we have found.

About Technology / ARK Labos Remains

The remains of ARK Labos. You will find it as soon as you exit the rover at the crash site. It’s virtually impossible to miss – a large marker will appear as you get closer to the wreckage.

People Outside / PHILOSOBOT to Brian

You can find the “PHILOSOBOT to Brian” conversation at the top of the tunnel you climb up with your Climbing Axes. When you get to the top, turn around and you’ll see an Astrotool on the ground on the opposite side.

About technology / LABOS solar panels

LABOS solar panels can be seen through the damaged wall at the end of the tunnel after having climbed several levels with their climbing axes for the first time.

A divergence / Adrift

The “Adrift” hologram can be found in the room to the left of the transformer after turning it back on.

Comics / Marsman Number 6 “Agency”

Marsman Issue #6 “Agency” is practically a reward for surviving a tough encounter. After you’re done climbing the falling walls, you’ll find him through a breach in the structure of what’s left of the structure in this area.

A divergence / From boy to Robbie

The “Guy to Robbie” message can be found on an Astrotool on the left side of the ARK Labos bridge as soon as you enter it.

A divergence / A hole in the boat

You’ll find the “A Hole in the Ship” hologram on your way back to the bridge, just before the airlock.

On Colony Management / The Panopticon Terminal

The Panopticon Terminal can be found in the left hallway after entering the Panopticon. As the name implies, it is a large bank of screens that were used to monitor the inhabitants of ARK.

A divergence / No way out

The “No Exit” hologram can be found on the left side of the Panopticon hallway, near the Panopticon Terminal.

Family Matters / Meet me on ARK Vita

The “Meet me on ARK Vita” hologram is located in the luxurious quarters on the opposite side of the Panopticon.

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