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This deliver us mars Chapter 4 Puzzles and Collectibles will detail the puzzle solutions and collectible locations in the first chapter set on Mars itself.

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deliver us mars Chapter 4 begins with a bit of a bang. You’ve barely made it out of your wrecked escape pod and you’re running out of oxygen. Salvation is just a few steps away, but an even greater mystery lies right behind it.

This chapter is a bit lighter on puzzles, but you will have to do a fair amount of exploring and climbing. Let’s dive in!

deliver us mars Chapter 4 Puzzle Solutions

Here are the deliver us mars Chapter 4 Puzzle solutions we have found.

Quick links: He arrives at the ARK hoping to find the others. | get to the rover

He arrives at the ARK hoping to find the others.

This puzzle is pretty straightforward – you simply need to inspect three things in sequence from a distance. Here’s what to look for:

  1. The excavator below and to the left.
  2. The rover head on across the canyon.
  3. The elevator down and to the left, near the bulldozer.

Once you’re done searching for all three items, this short puzzle is complete and you can move around again.

get to the rover

Once you’ve made your way down the cliffs, you’ll reach the elevator only to find out that it has no power. Take the ladder to the right, go up and head inside the nearby building. There are plenty of collectibles along the way, so keep your eyes peeled as you move through the building.

Head outside of this building and glide across the mining equipment. You will find another building in front of you and slightly to the right. Go up to the second floor and you will find a rotating panel. Use your climbing axes to hook onto this panel and cross the space. Then jump over the next space and go to the next building on the left.

The next building (and the immediate area) has several collectibles, so search it thoroughly. You will then exit the building, climb up a cliff, through a small room, and climb through a narrow canyon with pipes.

A little further on is another building with the familiar STRAME transmitters and receivers. Cut through the floor panel to reveal the second STRAME transmitter.

This room also has a “MPT Power Reduction Field”. This allows you to reduce the output power of a STREAM transmitter. Position it centrally between the two STREAM transmitters and receivers, then direct the beams at opposite targets so they both traverse the field.

Deliver Us Mars Chapter 4 Puzzles & Collectibles Guide - Reach the Rover 01b

This will open a door to the room with the STRAME receivers.

Head inside this small room and you will be able to move the massive MPT around and aim it down and to the left. Once the beam is connected, the airlock on the left will open.

You’ll find another collectible on a lower cliff later on. Next to this collectible is a panel that you can use to lower yourself to the ground. Run across the valley floor to reach the elevator, then up it.

The elevator will get stuck in the middle. You will have to jump and use your Grappling Axes to grab onto the wall in front of you. Make your way to the left, then jump onto the elevator. The elevator will fall to the ground. Once you’re on the other side of the elevator, you’ll need to go up another huge wall and then head slightly to the left.

Follow the walkway and you will enter a room with a huge turbine. There is a high cliff ahead. Go straight up the cliff, stopping every once in a while to let the turbines pass over you; if one collides with you, you will fall again. Once you are at the top of the cliff, you can run straight ahead and activate the rover. You will experience a dream sequence and the chapter will end.

deliver us mars Chapter 4 Collectible Locations

Here are the deliver us mars Chapter 4 Collectible locations we have found.

About Oxygen Regulating Pump / Tech

The Oxygen Regulating Pump is virtually impossible to miss – you’ll see it right in front of you as you enter the first building.

Family Matters / Can I count on you, old friend?

The “Can I count on you, old friend?” The hologram can be found in the building to the right of the bottom of the quarry elevator. You won’t miss it as you will have to go through this building to advance with your Objective.

Family Matters / Naoki to Merlin

“Naoki to Merlin” is a conversation that can be found on a glowing orange wrist device on your way to power up the elevator. Explore the stilt building just after you pass the first piece of mining equipment. You will find the conversation on the second floor.

On Managing a Colony / Downed Crane

The knocked down crane can be found once you use the swinging metal to cross the gap in the first stilt building, just after the elevator. The crane is leaning against the canyon wall.

On the management of a colony / The answer is no

“The Answer Is No” is another hologram showing what life was like on the Mars colony. He can find it on his way to repair the elevator, passing the stilt building where he will find “Naoki to Merlin” and “Toppled Crane”. The hologram is in the building you enter after space jumping to the higher ground.

The People Outside / Tahani to Jeremy

The “Tahani to Jeremy” conversation can be found directly after exiting the building right after you cross the movable panel. It can be found at the end of a small canyon, just opposite Airlock.

About the operation of a colony / Precast panels

The precast panels are found in the building after climbing the mobile panel. It is located at the top of the canyon where the “Tahani to Jeremy” conversation is.

People Outside / Alina to Gerben

The conversation “Alina to Gerben” is located to the left of the ready-made panels.

Comics / Marsman Issue 2 “Evolution”

Marsman Issue #2 “Evolution” can be found on the cliffs outside the building where you activate the MPT to power the elevator. Go straight after exiting the building and pay particular attention to the cliffs below as you descend; You will find him not far after you exit the airlock.

Family Matters / You are no longer a child

The “You’re Not a Kid Anymore” hologram will automatically unlock when you complete Chapter 4.

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