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Saving missing persons (or at least trying to) is just one of your assassin’s many missions during his time in Hell-A. In our dead island 2 Missing: Rainier Lost and Found Guide, we’ll go over how to complete one of the last missing person requests and the rewards for doing so.

dead island 2 Missing: Rainier’s Lost and Found Guide

How to start Missing: Rainier on dead island 2

Missing: Greg can be launched from the Serling Hotel’s missing persons request board. He will only be available if there are no previous requests on the board (the lost and found board can only contain a few side quests at a time) and after you’ve completed the main story.

dead island 2 Missing: Rainier Walkthrough

The start of this quest is also on Ocean Avenue, which takes you to the lab from the main story. Inside you will find many flaming zombies – they are completely immune to flaming weapons, although weapons and explosives are still effective. After finishing them off and killing the named zombie, grab the note and fast travel to Hollywood Boulevard.

Once on Hollywood Boulevard, go to the subway station. Rainier is trapped inside a room, surrounded by zombies. After dealing with the immediate threat, Rainier asks you to find the key to free him. Heading to the nearby maintenance room, he discovers that a man named Lenny had the key. Lenny can be found on the lower station platform, now zombified. By taking the key from the corpse from him, he will obtain the key to the room, which unsurprisingly reveals a hostile Rainier. Killing him will complete the quest, giving you 2,500 XP and the Superior Melee Punturator Mod.

Looking at the custodian locker key item in Dead Island 2.

Also, if you head to the room Rainier was locked in, you’ll be able to grab the custodian’s locker key. This allows you to open the locker in the maintenance room, which is stocked with a top piercing nail gun.

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