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The Lost & Found missions are some of the most interesting parts of Dead Island 2, tasking the player with honing their targeting skills rather than relying on the normally ubiquitous floating waypoints. If you’ve picked up Missing: Pablo and you’re a bit lost, then this guide can give you the details of where you need to go to complete the quest properly.

Before we get into the guide though, if you want to hear our thoughts on the game then you should check out our review.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Pablo’s Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a tattoo parlor with the blinds closed
You’ll have to check out Rose Tattoo’s, even if that doesn’t make much sense to you.

As usual, you can find this quest by keeping an eye on the job board in the Serling Hotel. After you’ve done several story missions since your last visit, you should be able to start this mission by picking up the doctor’s office sign marked Missing: Pablo.

Missing: Quick Guide to Pablo’s Lost and Found

  1. Take the missing sign from the Serling Hotel.
  2. Quick trip to the Blue Crab in Venice Beach.
  3. Head to the tattoo parlor on the corner of the main street that faces the boardwalk.
  4. Go inside and pick up your second clue.
  5. Head over to Muscle Beach Nutrition next to the Strong-Man Gym.
  6. Go behind the Nutrion store and take out the Crusher.
  7. Take a circuit breaker to the broken panel and repair it.
  8. Open the shutter at the back of the shop and collect the third clue inside.
  9. Head over to Doc Marin’s cannabis dispensary.
  10. Eliminate Doc Marin.
  11. Go inside and collect the last clue.

Missing: Complete Guide to Pablo’s Lost and Found

A screenshot from Dead Island 2 showing a store called Muscle Beach Nutrition next to an outdoor gym.
You have to admit that that store clearly knows its audience.

So, Pablo sets out to find medical supplies in Venice Beach. He fast travels to the Blue Crab, then exits onto the main road. At the end of this road, he’ll be able to find a tattoo shop, an excellent supply of needles, he might think. Well, regardless of what sense he makes in going to a tattoo shop, he walks in by pressing the button on the blinds and then takes the note from behind the counter. Turns out Pablo knew the owner was diabetic and was going to borrow some of her insulin needles, so maybe he wasn’t as stupid as we thought he might be.

QUICK NOTE: While you’re here, you might want to jump at the chance to get your hands on one of the best baseball bats in the game. We have written a guide on how to acquire it with simple steps.

In Pablo’s second note, he mentioned heading to a Muscle Beach Nutrition location. Putting two and two together, it would make sense if the protein store was right next to the gym. Head down the beach until you reach the outdoor gym. You can see Muscle Beach Nutrition right next to the gym. Head to the side of the building and hop into a StarHaul truck. Jump up to the roof and walk towards the shop. If you look towards the parking lot in the back, you should see a crusher enclosed within a chain link fence.

Lower the crusher, then unlock the one-way fence gate so you have easier access to the broken switch panel. You will now need to get your hands on a circuit breaker to fix this panel. The easiest way to find one is to run back to the Blue Crab and check the security booth in the largest parking lot nearby. There’s a booby trap out back, but there’s also a circuit breaker you can steal. Grab it and run back to the protein shop panel to finally enter the shop.

Follow the wire from the panel to the shutters at the back of the store and open them. There are plenty of Walkers and Shamblers inside the store, but there isn’t much room to fight them. On the plus side, this makes elemental attacks incredibly effective, so maybe throw in a Molotov and give it a minute to resolve itself. Once they’re down, head inside to find another clue. Looks like Pablo had one more place on his list to visit, and it’s Doc Marin’s “green” place, which is a terrible euphemism for a bud dispensary.

Well, there’s only one weed dispensary on Venice Beach (which we have access to, anyway), so head all the way to the other end of the beach to the store next door to the Brain Freeze ice cream shop. You should easily see Doc Marin munching on a carcass outside his tent as if he had a craving.

Fighting with Doc Marin

Screenshot from Dead Island 2 showing a cannabis dispenser with a crouching zombie in front eating a corpse.
Doc Marin has seen better days.

Cheech went bad so it’s time to take him down a few times. Honestly, Doc Marin himself is just a normal shambler, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with him. The problem is that this area is a hotspot for specials, so you can find anything from Slobbers to Butchers, depending on how late in the game you are when you do the quest.

Once you’re downstairs, grab the key from the Doc and head back. Head inside, but be careful to blast your way through the various shotgun booby traps. Follow the bloodstain on the floor until you find the last clue that allows us to know exactly what happened to Pablo.

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