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If you’ve just arrived in Venice Beach, you might be interested in one of the first Lost & Found missions that dead island 2 has to offer. These missions are some of the most interesting in the game, requiring you to solve clues and find locations based on your knowledge of the map. If you’ve had trouble with them so far, check out this guide to solving Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Lost & Found quest once and for all.

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dead island 2 Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Lost and Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing zombies huddled around a red van on a chain link fence
keep an eye out for the truck

If you want to pick up this mission, you’ll need to head over to Jo’s Rental, which is pretty much dead center (ha) on the Venice Beach boardwalk. It’s under a bunch of green arches and has a comical shark in front of it, so it’s pretty easy to find. He destroys the alarm and then breaks the glass to find it long abandoned. To start the mission, pick up the clue at the back of the room behind the left counter.

Jo’s Rainy Day Stash Quick Guide

  1. Breaking into Jo’s Rentals in the center of the Venice Beach boardwalk (after deactivating the alarm).
  2. Read the first clue behind the left counter.
  3. Head over to the other Jo’s Rentals location around the corner and read the clue behind the counter.
  4. Head to the parking lot to find Jo’s red truck.
  5. Fight Jo’s wobbly body
  6. Hop on Marla’s to retrieve the stash.

Complete Guide to Jo’s Rainy Day Stash

If you check the phone, that’s your first clue, and it becomes apparent that this wasn’t the main location Jo visited, so it might be worth looking for any other locations that are in the area. In fact, she passed one on the corner of the only street on the map, so she backed down the line of stores until she saw another cartoon shark and went inside. The next clue is another phone hidden behind the counter like the one above.

This time it’s a photo Jo himself posted on social media, something about having an escape plan with his friend to meet up in his truck in the parking lot. This obviously means that you have to make your way to the car park yourself. Head to the back and climb over the crates to get past the chain link fence, where you should see Jo’s famous red truck. You might also see Jo’s Shambling Body, a named zombie that you’ll need to take out to get to Jo’s stash.

Fighting Jo’s wobbly body

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing several zombies walking towards the player with a pool of burning oil scattered across the bottom of the parking lot.
Honestly, “poor” Jo doesn’t put up much of a fight.

Jo himself is not particularly dangerous, being a basic shambler. He can get taken down pretty quickly, but he also has plenty of regular zombie friends and a Crusher. He’s probably worth taking down the Crusher first from a distance. He combines the electric throwing star and the chemical bomb if you can, or just dodge/block the pattern from him until he finally falls.

With Jo dragging her feet-no-more, we can take her key. The final message from her to her friends says that the stash is on top of Marla’s nearby restaurant. She uses the StarHaul truck to get to the top, and be careful to disarm the traps (or just activate them with a curveball while jumping off the roof). Once they’re gone, you can go inside and grab the cute weapon that’s hidden inside.

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