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Pugstorm has announced the core guardian Quality of Love update, which, as the name suggests, is meant to coincide with Valentine’s Day. The update will bring changes to the way the game’s lighting engine works, as well as some lovely new content to celebrate the most romantic of holidays.

in a steamer advertisement stand, Pugstorm says that Quality of Love won’t hit the same scale as its Desert of Beginnings or Sunken Sea updates, but it will marry (no pun intended) a seasonal event with a few new additions and tweaks to gameplay. The first of these is related to core guardianThe lighting and rendering engines of .

This is pretty technical, but Pugstorm says it has rewritten its graphics pipeline, deprecating Unity’s built-in rendering pipeline because the latter “simply didn’t support” the features and functions the studio had in mind. What this means, according to the developers, is that core guardian it will now “look a lot better” and have the potential to perform a lot better too.

Various characters competing in Core Keeper
core guardianIt’s already a pretty cool pixel art game, but developer Pugstorm says it’s about to look a lot better.

As for new Valentine-inspired features, the subway will now sport an attractive carpet of cherry blossoms, and you’ll also find plenty of Valentine-themed items like love letters and gifts scattered across the landscape. Pugstorm also promises “extra cute cosmetics and gear” as well as a new seasonal variation for the trader, who will also have new items to sell.

Another important feature that is being added in the core guardian The Quality of Love update is musical instruments. Now you can express yourself using a variety of instruments including harps, cellos, and flutes, and you can also use sheet music found all over the world to “auto-loop melodies,” some of which will be recognizable from other indie titles. . There will also be a lot more to discover, according to Pugstorm.

He core guardian The Quality of Love update arrives on February 8, and the Valentine’s season event lasts until the 28th. Some content will also remain available after the event, although Pugstorm doesn’t specify what content. You can grab the game, which is in Early Access, right now at Steam if you haven’t already. Be sure to take a look at our core guardian guides for everything you’ll need to survive in this unforgiving underground complex.

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