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The next pokemon united An addition has been announced, and it’s a good one if you like to play Supporter-type mons. Comfey is floating your way into the game starting next Thursday, and it’s bringing a pretty raw supporter experience to the game, so if you like giving buffs to your teammates, this is your choice.

Last month Dragapult was added, a cunning attacker with the ability to traverse the battlefield at high speeds and stealthily take out opponents. Now, it’s Comfey’s turn in the spotlight, and if test realm public information Y data mines there is something to go through, Comfey will play similar to League of Legends‘Yumi.

Comfey’s main gimmick is the ability to bond with his teammates, giving them healing and protection while also amplifying his own abilities. However, Yuumi’s comparison doesn’t work one-to-one; while Yuumi has virtually no offensive capabilities, Comfey can use her passive to match the Aeos energy deposited by her partner, which could greatly increase her team’s score. However, we don’t have much official information on Comfey at the moment, so we’ll have to wait and see what else pokemon united will reveal the team in the coming days.

A stats image showing that players played a cumulative 675,424,684 hours in Pokémon Unite last year
pokemon united he put up some impressive numbers last year.

In addition to sharing the news of Comfey’s arrival at pokemon unitedthe team has also been revealing some of the game’s stats for 2022. In total, the players accumulated 675,424,684 hours in the game, which adds up to over 75,000 years. The total number of points scored by all players cumulatively was more than 190 billion.

Other fun stats include over 25 million players win most valuable playeras well as over 2 billion battles being fought in total. There are no prizes for guessing who is the more popular Pokémon in the game was either; Of course, that honor goes to Pikachu, with Greninja coming in second and Charizard coming in third.

You can play pokemon united right now for free at nintendo switch and mobile devices. Comfey will arrive in the game starting on February 2. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news on all things. pokemon united.

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