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Capcom today announced more details about what players can expect from the launch of its dinosaur-killing third-person shooter. exoprimal.

After the beta version, which happened a few weeks ago, the developer revealed more features to be included in the game in addition to what we already saw. Here is a list.

  • Missions without direct combat between players where victory is determined by clearing PvE objectives as quickly as possible
  • Scenes and an analysis map where players can explore the history of Exoprimal and the mysteries surrounding Leviathan and parallel worlds.
  • Story related missions in Dino Survival
  • 10 player cooperative missions with a variety of objectives and even more ferocious dinosaurs.
  • A variety of maps like Dam and Volcanic Base
  • Weekly rotating 5 player missions with global leaderboards to complete the fastest time
  • Equipment called Modules that allow for deeper customization of the exosuit’s capabilities
  • Exosuit skins, weapon skins, decals, emotes, and other cosmetic options
  • In-game medals and awards for completing certain challenges, such as blocking a certain amount of damage as a tank suit

On top of that, we also hear about the content that will be released to support the game long-term after launch.

  • Exosuit variants that use different equipment for different playstyles, such as Deadeye with a burst rifle that can also be used as a shotgun
  • Updates with each season adding more game content.
  • Collaborations with other Capcom titles

exoprimal It will be released on July 14, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It will also come to Game Pass. If you want to learn more, you can check out our hands-on preview. You can also check out a trailer for Japanese boy band Da-ice’s theme song “Funky Jumping” here.

By the way, the game will also feature a newly revealed Survival Pass reward system, which is basically the game’s Battle Pass and will include both a free tier and a paid Premium tier.

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