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before there were Destinationbefore there was auraBungie made a name for itself on the Macintosh computer with a now largely forgotten FPS series called Marathon. They shocked everyone today when they revealed that one of theirDestination project was a return to the venerable FPS franchise with a new game called… Marathon.


Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t show us too much of what Marathon it’s beyond that it’s still a shooter and that it looks very different than it did in the 1990s, when the series had its heyday. On their site, they promise a little more information and reveal that it’s a new sci-fi PvP extraction shooter (think Escape from Tarkov) where players compete for resources and survival in persistent, evolving zones.

Still, the fact that Bungie resurrected its original series in some way wasn’t the most surprising thing with this announcement. On his site, Bungie, which was bought by Sony last year, reveals that Marathon It will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. That’s right, it’s a PlayStation game of its own that will be released on Xbox, and it will also have full cross-play and cross-save to complete the surprise.

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