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EA has released the battlefield 2042 The patch notes for update 3.2.0 – and as you’d expect from an update that will bring some pretty sweeping changes – are extensive. This update will bring the return of the series’ seemingly long-missed class system, as well as an overhaul of the Breakaway map, and much more.

Given that battlefield 2042Releasing in November 2021, player reception has been widely negative, with fans complaining about the game’s poor performance and extensive bugs, among other things. Despite this, developer DICE said last year that it was committed to fixing battlefield 2042leaving him “out of time” for other projects.

Part of that commitment, it seems, is a return to the classic Battlefield class system instead of the divisive Specialists introduced for battlefield 2042. That’s the main draw of the game’s latest update, 3.2.0, which will be released next week. Existing specialists have been assigned appropriate classes, and each class now has specific equipment available, which should bring 2042 more in line with the classic class system you know and love from previous Battlefield Titles

All four classes in the new Battlefield 2042 update 3.2.0 patch notes
battlefield 2042 it will return to Classes in its next update.

In addition to the class changes, the Breakaway map is also getting a makeover. This particular redesign will feature “some of the most visible and extensive changes” DICE has ever implemented for a map, according to the developer. Changes include the relocation of the oil rig, improvements to the Ice Shelf and Glacier Top areas, and much more.

Of course, this update also brings a lot of new gear, including an all-new suppressor, thermal scopes, and other fun gadgets to play with. This is in addition to the additional weaponry of course, and since classes now have Weapon Proficiencies, using certain types of weapons will bring even more bonuses; Support soldiers using SMGs, for example, can expect a faster draw time, while reconnaissance players using sniper rifles will be able to stabilize their scopes more easily.

Be sure to take a look through the complete battlefield 2042 patch notes for the latest update so you can see what’s what. The notes also include extensive bug fixes and other changes. Whether this update will be enough to calm what still appears to be a rather angry fanbase remains to be seen, but either way, EA and DICE say they will have more information on the exact timing of the update’s release early next week. .

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