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EA and DICE have shared more details about the upcoming battlefield 2042 Season 5, and if you’ve been feeling like the vehicles are a bit bland right now, it sounds like the two studios agree with you. Vehicle loadout redesigns will be a big part of Season 5, with more clearly defined roles for vehicles on the road.

in the last battlefield 2042 Developer Notes (which EA and DICE say will be the last before Season 5 launches), we get a glimpse of what’s changing in the world of vehicles. Loadouts will change to help you figure out what a vehicle is supposed to do and to help you deal with it if you run into one on the enemy side.

A big change involves explosive weaponry. DICE says explosives have become all too prevalent, with even transport vehicles coming out armed to the teeth with explosive weapons. That’s part of the reason equipment changes are coming; Not all vehicles will have access to explosives, so you will need to make more strategic decisions regarding which vehicle to take into battle.

Soldiers preparing to face a tank in Battlefield 2042
Don’t worry, battlefield 2042 players; the tanks will probably still have access to explosives.

The first vehicle shown in the new Dev Notes is the LATV4 Recon, which is receiving anti-infantry weapons in place of its current explosive options. The EBAA Wildcat is being pushed more towards an anti-aircraft role with the addition of dual 35mm AA guns, and the M5C Bolte is taking on a more explosive role with better resistance against shells to fulfill its intended role as a hit-and-run. vehicle.

Other incoming improvements include vehicular thermal sights as an additional loadout option, as well as improvements to jet responsiveness and camera controls. Of course, there is much more on the way. battlefield 2042 Season 5, which EA and DICE say is “not too far away now.” Hopefully, we’ll have more specific dates soon.

battlefield 2042 is available right now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game had a pretty harsh reception when it was first released, and it still has an overall “Mostly Negative” rating on Steam. Despite player dissatisfaction, developer DICE says it is committed to battlefield 2042 and “doesn’t have time” to work on other projects right now. Hopefully the team can still convert battlefield 2042The reputation around.

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