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Focus Entertainment and Tindalos Interactive have released a new chilling gameplay trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent. It offers a deep dive into the tactical strategy game’s mechanics and narrative ahead of its imminent release on PC and consoles on June 20.

The trailer begins with an introduction to the story. You will play as Weyland-Yutani administrator Mako Hayes and colonial sailor Jonas Harper, who must team up to fight the xenomorphs after their ship crashes on the planet Lethe. Focus and Tindalos promise a narrative filled with “terrifying revelations” and never-before-seen elements of the Alien universe. You can take a look at the new trailer right here.


If you’re not a strategy genius (like me), Aliens: Dark Descent it shouldn’t be too unpleasant. The developers describe its gameplay as “fast-paced, accessible tactical planning”, and you’ll have access to the ability to slow down time at any stage if the action becomes too overwhelming for you. I know I will make liberal use of it; I’m one of those hopeless monsters who uses tactical pause in RTS games. Sorry, pros!

The trailer also discusses the Squad Behavior System, which will make each of your squad members respond to your orders intelligently and carry them out automatically. Of course, you can also micromanage them if you prefer, and you’ll have plenty of tactical options for doing so. Will you set a runner on fire to stem the tide, or deploy a sentinel to mow down your enemies as they pounce on you?

In addition to the objectives, you will also have to manage the health and stress levels of your marines. Aliens: Dark Descent It has permadeath, so when a marine dies, that’s it, you can’t get them back. So the choices you make have a permanent effect, and that goes for levels as well; Gates you hack will remain open, for example, while gates you’ve soldered closed will not reopen if you revisit that stage.

Aliens: Dark Descent launches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on June 20. It promises a more tactical alternative to recent aliens games like elite fire team, which have focused more on combat. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more. dark descent news, and be sure to check under your bed for facehuggers before you sleep tonight.

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